Topic 1 – Nonthermal Processes for Better Foods

  • Food safety and quality

  • Nutrition and health

  • Hurdle technologies

  • Predictive Modelling


Topic 2 – Effect of Nonthermal Processing on Food Structure and Functionality

  • Mass transfer improvement

  • Biological, chemical and structural modification of food components

  • Functional foods

  • Food texturization


Topic 3 – Use of Nonthermal Processing for Sustainability

  • Agri-food waste valorization

  • Energy, water and waste reduction

  • Nonthermal Technologies in Biorefinery

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Nonthermal technologies in the food industry


Topic 4 – Nonthermal Processing: Successful Applications and Trends

  • Large-scale processing and treatment facilities

  • Nonthermal Processes for Regulatory Acceptance and Commercialization

  • Emerging applications and commercial development